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What would change if you said one word a lot more often? For Pastor Londa Lundstrom, simply saying yes changed so much in her life. 

Londa grew up in South Dakota on a farm, which her brother still runs to this day. Her family often traveled in a bus or an RV while her dad, evangelist Larry Lundstrom, preached and performed music across the country. 

Even as a kid, Londa helped produce many records with her dad. She has grown to believe that music can show people the love of Jesus in a special way. Throughout her young adulthood, Londa’s dad also told her she should write books about her faith.  

At first, she was resistant to the idea, but now Londa has written several Christian life books, including one called Living with a Yes in Your Heart. The core message of the book is that Christians must resist their common inclination to say no. 

The word “no” might have been one of the first words you learned as a kid, and it’s one that we fallen humans use often. Londa hopes to spread the message that saying yes makes a big difference! She believes words have power and that they either “create life or … death.” 

Londa has a distinct message in her book: everyone has experienced some sort of loss, no matter what stage of life they’re in. She wants to use her story of renewed hope through Christ as a testimony to His healing power in times of grief. 

Londa’s experience with loss began in her twenties when she had four miscarriages. Her parents also passed unexpectedly one after the other, sending Londa into even deeper grief. 

She’s also seen intense grief in the lives of close friends who lost their spouses suddenly or were beside them as they took their last breath. However, Londa is confident there is hope, even after the unthinkable happens and you feel like grief has swallowed you whole. 

Londa believes that God gave each of us an “earth assignment.” You have a special gift, and you can use that gift in ministry. Your gift might be your musical talents, culinary skills, your hospitality, or something else. God can use you in amazing ways when you say yes to the Lord and the purpose He has for your gift.  

But it isn’t always easy. Londa knows that grief can make it difficult to say yes, to serve others. Yet, she says that it’s important to love yourself first before you focus on loving and serving your neighbor. 

In Matthew 22:37–39 (NIV), Jesus says this: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.’” 

Through the darkest days of her life, Londa discovered, “I cannot love my husband the way God wants me to until I love myself first…. I cannot serve my community or my church.”  

Most importantly, Londa wants to encourage you that the Lord is with you. He has not left your side, no matter what you are struggling with. “He’s going to get you through what you’re going through,” she said. 

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“He’s going to get you through what you’re going through.”

—Londa Lundstrom

“I cannot love my husband the way God wants me to until I love myself first.”

—Londa Lundstrom

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